Letter from Dennis Malick

“PTR and Quality are synomous, that's why I'm working with PTR to host Spring TennisFest on Hilton Head Island”


Hello Coaches Traveling on Spring Break 2012:

Midway through the 17 years that Tennisaction Hilton Head Island ran Spring Break Tennis, I initiated a conversation with Dennis Van der Meer about getting involved with the event. As a former promotions/advertising director for Van der Meer Tennis and the TennisUniversity, I knew it would be a very good fit for the TU and the Professional Tennis Registry. PTR was an early sponsor with promotions for coaches and players and by hosting SBT player exhibitions.

SBT peaked at 273 college teams in the late 1990s, then leveled off to 240 to 250 teams through the time I decided retirement and PLAYING tennis was the route to take. When Spring Break Tennis went up for sale, Van der Meer was among those under consideration. That was then; this is now and a lot of water (and teams) have gone “over the dam” since our sale of SBT in 2002. So, it was very welcome news that PTR decided to begin its Spring TennisFest to re-establish Hilton Head Island as THE place to go for college spring tennis. 

PTR already has a solid corps of college coaches among its membership and has an established year-round staff to conduct a Spring Break event. It will come on the heels of its annual International Symposium and PTR Championships held in mid-February. Dan Santorum and Julie Jilly each have a long history with college spring tennis and an even longer time working with and for college tennis and the sport in general.

I am serving as a consultant to Spring TennisFest, hoping to lend my experience in dealing with and enjoying working with hundreds of coaches who took our event to the incredible numbers we achieved. Together, we aim to help restore that. If you have any questions about Spring TennisFest, well, you can find me at the same place as years ago – banana@hargray.com. Oh, and one other place – www.tennis-e-news.com. The latter is about a year old and covering everything tennis that moves on Hilton Head Island and environs.

Good luck on your cooooool summer and startup for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.  I hope to see you at PTR Spring TennisFest.

Dennis Malick