Everything You Need to Know

Fees and Pricing Structure

$497 by August 1 
$517  by October 1 
$537  by December 1

The Spring TennisFest full registration fee is per team. The fee includes
  • 2 - 5 matches
  • 8 hours of practice time
  • 6 Spring TennisFest T-shirts
  • Welcome Dinner - Included for 6 players & coach if you are staying with our accommodation partners (Spinnaker Resorts or Vacation Company). If not, the fee is $15 per person. All you can eat dinner party
  • College Exhibition Matches at local clubs
  • Outreach with Special Olympics Tennis session available for teams
  • Outreach Projects available with local charities for your team

Our professionally maintained facilities have site directors on duty, single sticks, scoreposts, water and ice. 

  • Register before August 1: $497 per team
  • Register before October 1: $517 per team
  • Late Registration after December 1: $537 per team

Payment can be made by Credit Card (we accept MasterCard, Visa or American Express).

Or you can request a Purchase Order or an Invoice to be sent. 

We have excellent pricing on comfortable accommodations with great amenities. Click here for official Accommodation Partners.

You can register for the PER MATCH registration fee of $129 per match.  This fee structure does not include T-shirts or the Welcome Cookout, but those can be added. Practice time can not be guaranteed with the per-match fee, but we will try to accommodate.The Per-Match fee is calculated according to the anticipated schedule.  If there is rain or the match is not completed – you will be refunded.

PTR has arranged very competitive rates on accommodations which include many great amenities like Fitness Center access, outdoor grills, free internet, heated pools and spas, ping pong tables and more. Register your team early for the best rate – and for first choice on sites for your matches.

Register now by contacting the PTR Headquarters Staff at 843-785-7244 or simply fill out and submit the Registration Form.


Arrival in the morning at any site is prohibited before 7:30am.
All match times are start times, include only oncourt warm-up. The match must start on time. If you are the first match on, arrive 30-40 minutes early for warm-up. If not first match on, then warmup at practice courts or arrive early and you may be able to take a few empty courts for warm-up.No matches are booked on clay; unless requested by the coach. No matches are scheduled further than 5 miles.

Day before your match:
  1. Check the online schedule to confirm the time and location of your match
  2. Check the weather!
  3. Confirm you have the balls - 5 cans per team (balls can be purchased in advance at checkin or bring with you)
Day of the match:
  1. Make sure players have proper liquids for the match
  2. Arrive 45 minutes prior for court availability and warm-up if courts are available.
  1. In case of rain, a PTR site director or STF Director will contact each coach to inform them if court conditions are playable. This allows teams to relax in the comfort of their accommodation.
  2. If the four covered courts at the Van der Meer Tennis Center or the 3 indoor courts are available and a team is willing to pay the extra fee, then matches may be played there for an additional cost 
  3. Teams are responsible for assisting the directors in drying the courts. All facilities have roll-dries. Teams that dry their courts are then permitted to play as much of their match as possible but must relinquish the courts no more than 1 1/2 hours past the scheduled ending time.
  4. With rain or rain delays, you may be asked to go to No-Add scoring. If necessary, you may play only to decision but this is only in the event of rain. 
  5. If your match is stopped by rain and you can't continue within the time frame, after drying the courts, you can resume.
  6. If you are rained out in an earlier match during the day, there may be a chance to finish the match at another site. Sometimes, it may be even possible to reschedule matches for another day or night. Saturday and Sunday are usually good days to reschedule any rain outs! We will do all in our power to ensure you get to complete your matches. 
PTR can provide a ITA-certified referee for your match at a fee of $125 per referee per match. This fee can be split by the coaches, or paid by one coach.  Coaches can include this fee in your STF registration fee and PTR will pay the referees. Payment arrangements must be determined in advance.

Practice Time
Once registration payment is received, practice times can be booked. Teams choosing the all-inclusive fee receive up to eight (8) hours of practice time at their choice of practice venues. ( i.e. 2 courts for 2 hours = 4 hours of practice time). 

Liability policy

PTR Inc (operators of Spring TennisFest), its Directors, employees, and others related to STF are held harmless for any injuries, accidents or loss of property.

Cancellation Policy

If a team cancels, match fees will be fully refunded up to December 1, 2020. Refunds after that time, but before February 1, will be given at 50% or credited in full to following year's registration.

Accommodation Policy

Our accommodation partners are sponsors who help keep your prices low. They also support our Welcome Dinner.

Match policy

Payment must be received from each team to list as a confirmed match.Teams are encouraged to send out their official match contracts.


  1. The phone number of PTR Headquarters is 843-785-7244. For Julie Jilly, text 843-816-4573.
  2. All coaches are invited to stop by PTR Headquarters. PTR is located at 4 Office Way, Suite 200, in the PNC Bank building at Sea Pines Circle. PTR Headquarters is open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.
  3. You will need to fill out the Coaches Information Sheet and sign your Liability Waiver, which can be found on the Registration page at www.springtennisfest.com
  4. The official match schedule is available by clicking Match Schedule at www. springtennisfest.com It is the match schedule that all coaches should use. All times posted indicate when your match is to begin. Arrive 30 minutes prior to match time. Please complete your warm up, line ups and restroom visits and start all matches at your scheduled start time as indicated on the website.
  5. Please do not go to any sites under the name of PTR Spring TennisFest, unless you are scheduled to play or practice there. 
  6. Balls. Each team is responsible to bring five (5) cans of balls to each match. You may purchase Pro Penn balls by the case from PTR or Wilson balls at Players World or bring balls with you.
  7. Keep all sites clean and neat, especially when you leave. Make sure all trash is picked up and chairs or furniture are put back in place. Thank you.
  8. Use only the courts that have been assigned to you.
  9. Coaches are responsible for proper attire and proper behavior at all sites. Shirts must be worn at all times. Make sure all your players bring the following to the court: racquets, shoes, change of clothes, sun screen, bug spray, ice bags, water or sports drinks in an insulated container, spending money, towel, medical needs and sunglasses.
  10. Adhere to your schedule and arrive at all match sites 30 minutes in advance of your scheduled time. 
  11. Please report your team scores each day at 843-338-1610. All reported scores will appear on Spring TennisFest’s website. Please text 843-338-1610 or email amanda@ptrtennis.org with your team scores, not the individual matches.
  12. Racquet Stringing - Player’s World of Sports is your official stringing headquarters with a full range of racquet services. Overnight and Same Day Stringing is available. Only $18. Same day serive add $2. String brands include: Babolat, Gamma Head, Luxilon, Wilson Shelter Cove Towne Center (next to Kroger). 843-842-5100
  13. If you are not going to use the practice time that has been booked for your team, call or text Julie at 843-816-4573.
  14. The times your matches are booked for are the maximum amount of time you have to complete your match. Please exit the courts when you are done so other matches can get underway
  15. If your team is traveling in a large bus or with a large contingent of spectators, please contact PTR in advance, as some sites can’t accommodate buses.
  16. Arrivals at any site before 7:30am are strictly prohibited. In addition, lights at all sites go off automatically at 10pm. 
  17. Be respectful of the courts, community, and your opponents. Have a great time!

Match Information & Format

Match Schedule & Practice Schedule
Schedules are posted on www.springtennisfest.com and are subject to change so please check back each day to confirm the following days matches.
The time listed on the schedule is your match Start Time. Please arrive 15-30 minutes early in case you can take the courts early.
If yours is the FIRST match of the day at any location, you can arrive early for extended warmup.
If NOT the first match on, then you should warmup at the practice courts. We will always try, but can not guarantee that you will have team warmup time at the site.
Singles Sticks are provided at each site. The site director can put them up for you. The net shall be supported by the stick at 36 inches outside the singles sideline on each side. 
In the event of rain, we will be in contact with teams and expect them to help prepare courts as soon as the weather dictates. 

Match Format
PTR Spring Tennis Fest will follow the ITA format.

7-point team score; no warm-up between opponents; no-ad scoring in singles and doubles; doubles set first to 6 games with a 7-point tiebreak at 6-all. Singles will play a 10-point tiebreak for the 3rd set. No Service Lets. If the serve hits the net and goes into the service box, the ball is in play. As with ITA, there is no warmup with your opponent oncourt.

Doubles format – Division III. The format is three 8-game pro set doubles matches with a 7-point tiebreak at 7-all. Scoring. Regular scoring shall be used in doubles and singles. But third set shall be a 10-point tie break.

Team Registration & Welcome Party for Players & Coaches

Meet other teams! All You Can Eat! Win prizes!

Party is FREE for teams that are registered with our Accommodations Partners. $15 per person if not.

Sunday, February 28
6:00pm • Sonesta Resort Beach Pavilion 

Sunday, March 7
6:00pm seating & 6:30pm seating • Sonesta Resort Beach Pavilion

Sunday, March 14 
6:00pm seating & 6:30pm seating • Sonesta Resort Beach Pavilion

Sunday, March 21
6:00pm • Sonesta Resort Beach Pavilion